Terraforce: reversible, interlocking retaining blocks
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Design Alternatives and design tables

Terraforce retaining blocks can be used as part of either a gravity system or as the fascia of a geosynthetic reinforced segmental retaining wall structure or as a fascia for a cement stabilized backfill. Download the Recommended Specifications

Gravity Retaining Walls

Gravity retaining walls rely on their self-weight to resist lateral earth pressure, and such walls have been in use for centuries. In a gravity system the Terraforce masonry units can be stacked several courses deep to provide support to the forces imposed by the retained soil; the weight and geometry of the stacked units prevent the constructed wall from sliding on its base or at an intermediate height, toppling over, or rotating out of position.

Light gravity wall
Heavy gravity wall

Design Tables for single skin walls

Information relating to the design of single-block-width gravity retaining walls will be given in these design charts for Terraforce blocks. Designs which feature multiple rows of blocks should be prepared on a site specific basis by an experienced professional engineer.

Click in the boxes below for the Design Tables of the different Terraforce blocks (in various sizes):

L15 Terralite Multi 4x4

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